Preet Sabharwal


Preet Sabharwal is a Managing Partner and co-founder of SAB Capital. Under Preet’s leadership, SAB has transacted over $3.5 billion of net lease deal volume and financing. Preet’s day-to-day focus is surrounding SAB’s national growth and includes the expansion of new brokerage verticals and expansion of client services.

Preet got his start in commercial real estate in 2007 at a leading national firm. In his early days as a commercial real estate broker, Preet saw an opportunity to lead his team in the most prosperous and ambitious direction they could have traveled. Today, Preet uses his more than a decade of experience in commercial real estate and over $3 billion in sales over his career span to provide strategic direction to grow SAB Capital across a nationwide approach.

A graduate of Hunter College, Preet holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting and Economics.
Preet is a big believer in self-development and constantly challenges himself and his team members to achieve new grounds. Above and beyond the rewarding functions of being a founder of SAB Capital, he is an avid investor. Preet shares his life with his wife Tiffany and daughters Ela and Pia in their home in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan.