Nick Santagata


Nick Santagata is an Investment Sales Associate at SAB Capital. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Economics, concentrating in banking.

Before joining SAB, Nick had immersed himself in the financial services industry, focusing on risk management, which gave him the upper hand in determining what would qualify as a sound investment for his clientele. In addition to his financial expertise, Nick grew up surrounded by new development and construction opportunities through his family’s business, giving him insight into the intricacies that incur when investing in a build-to-suit asset. This previous experience aids Nick’s evaluation capabilities in working in the net sector, both in the realm of current investment opportunities and potential future development projects. Nick is energized by the hands-on, entrepreneurial mindset that is fostered at SAB due to his desire to work in the trenches to produce insightful and intricate information for his clients.

Outside of work, Nick likes to go to the gym and participate in various outdoor activities such as fishing, dirt biking, and jet skiing. He enjoys spending time with family and friends.